Amicus Advisory

Amicus Advisory is an independent fixed income investment research & advisory firm, now in its tenth year of continuous operation.  Services we provide to wholesale clients amongst others include investment advice, reporting, investment policy and strategy formulation and review.  We currently have around AUD 1.5 billion of conservative fixed interest under our retained advisory services.  These assets are largely term deposits, floating and fixed rate notes issued by banks and other ADI's but also include managed funds, structured investments, subordinated debt and small amounts of hybrids and equities.

Amicus also undertakes assignments on a project basis which include securities valuations, bespoke research reports, financial modelling, investment policy formulation including, environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing, expert witness services and guidance on mixed financial and legal issues.

Amicus manages its relationship with clients as a fiduciary responsibility, meaning that we warrant to disclose all relevant information, serve as a client advocate and subjugate all other goals to the needs of the client.  Amicus is not a broker, product promoter or distributor and does not take fees related to the sale of securities or the provision of transactional services.   Amicus is 100% independently owned by its employees and is not aligned to any external organisation.  We are not aligned to, nor owned by, any product provider or external organisation.

AFS Licence No: 384126 

Last Updated 8 June 2018